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Announcing New Product Launch


(Drum roll please...) This September, we will have the pleasure in introducing edible fruit arrangements to the Sips menu! With our specialized knowledge in arrangement design, access to freshly sliced fruits, and the willingness to make our customers smile, it only seemed fitting! They're great for birthday parties, wedding and baby showers, anniversary dates, quinceañeras, office parties, and are great "pick-me-ups". We hope you will take advantage of this new product launch this fall and visit us to enjoy these tasty edible fruit arrangements.

Announcing New Product Launch


Always our Organic & Fair Trade Espresso, roasted to an Italian tempo.The world's foremost coffee testing expert, Kenneth Davids of gave our Espresso Organico one of the highest ratings ever recorded for a 100% organically espresso.Ken comments: The body is medium to full, the finish simple and rich with a slight astringent edge. The blend exerted a powerful though heavy dark-chocolate presence in short milk, but with more latte-like quantities of milk it bloomed with great sweetness and vivacity. Powerful but elegant in long milk drinks. 

Ethiopian Yergacheffe Organic & Fair Trade

 Ethiopian Yergacheffe is a very alluring coffee! The citrus notes have a truly unique character. After grinding, you will notice a sweet caramel fragrance. After brewing, you may notice a spicy, pepper note. The finish is zesty with hints of plum.

Bali Blue Moon Organic & Fair Trade

The cup starts off with low acidity and smooth, syrupy body. An accompaniment of dark chocolate, vanilla bean, and black licorice flavors leads to a bold presence with an unforgettable aftertaste.

Layer Cake Melange, is a mix of boutique coffees from around the world.  


Our Goal

We love it when we can provide our customers with a family-friendly atmosphere where they can sit back and relax, or feel energized and productive, all while sipping on a beverage that reminds them of all the good things in this world.